Jewellery Makers Australia

individuality by design.......

This is what we do. 3 rings, restyled into 1.

Our clients 'old' gold and diamonds. We've restyled it into a fresh, new and modern 'all in one' wedding set. Practical yet elegant. Individuality by Design......

About us...

If your jewellery is looking sad or dated, if it needs repairs, or even if you just fancy something new and individual, something fresh and modern that's practical but stunning, something that you can wear all the time. Something that you've helped design that will stand the test of time BUT, you want to avoid paying shopping centre prices. Stop your search now..........  YOU'VE FOUND US!

Jewellery Makers Australia do all of the above and more. We're located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and what's more we're happy to come to you if you are too busy to come to us!  We're versatile too; we do anything and everything that involves jewellery. 

 Designing, restyling, repairs and making, you name it, we'll do it.

We understand how personal and precious your jewellery is to you. We can use your old, sentimental 'bits and pieces' that have been hanging around, maybe worn out, or no longer in style, for years and make something you'll really like and enjoy wearing again. 

We have great pride in our work and we've been doing jewellery for over 20 years. If we can't find a way to meet up then we can design via email, it takes a little longer but it gets the same results.

Our promise to you is;

"We'll do our very best to do it right, the first time on time".

We don't have a shop so we rely on word of mouth for our advertising. We talk, but much more importantly, LISTEN to you about what you want because we want to get it right and we want you to tell your friends about us!

Rob Anderson - jeweller & designer




Choosing a trusted jeweller and designer, with over 20 years of experience provides the assurance you need for your eternal investment.

Rob specialises in designing, making, restoring and restyling jewellery.

 Have a look at our  PHOTOS section to see some of our previous work.